See a list of our business appraisal services below and how we calculate the value of your machinery or equipment.

Desktop Appraisal Service

Spectrum Appraisal can provide USPAP compliant desktop appraisals on machinery and equipment located anywhere in Canada or the United States. We can determine and document the fair market value (FMV), orderly liquidation value (OLV) or forced liquidation value (FLV) of machinery and equipment to suit a variety of business and legal proceedings. Please contact Spectrum to discuss if a desktop appraisal is suitable for your needs.

Asset Appraisal Service

Spectrum specialises in appraising machinery and equipment. The appraiser will conduct a site visit, inspect, photograph and document the condition of the equipment. We use comprehensive appraisal process, attention to detail and quality market research to build our value conclusions Spectrum follows the best practices of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group and the NEBB Institute in the United States. Spectrum has access to a network of 2,900 appraisers across North America. We leverage this network to validate our market research and peer review our value conclusions. This process ensures that we arrive at a defensible and accurate opinion of value that will withstand legal scrutiny. Our appraisals confirm with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

How Do We Determine The Value Of Machinery& Equipment?

Completed Sales

We conduct market research on recent sales of your machinery to determine value in your local market and beyond.

Replacement Cost Less Depreciation

We contact manufacturers and determine an accurate replacement cost, including shipping and installation, and deduct the appropriate depreciation.

Economic & Industry Factors

We conduct general research into changes and developments in relevant industries to determine market interest and demand for your machinery.


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